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Seller Commission Savings

Listing Fee: 1.5% or Less

Limited availability.


The fee's are simple.


1.) $500.00 start-up fee to list your property until it is SOLD.

2.) $50.00 for the rental of a Realtor lockbox.


3.) $200.00 if you would like to have our professional photographer take photos of your home. We suggest in doing this!


The most that you will pay to get started is only $750.00. Once your property sells and closes, you pay only .015 of the sales price to TROY and the commission that you offer a buyers' agent.


See our savings example below.

Sales Price: $200,000

List with Troy

(.015 + $500)


Commission: $6,000 + Fees       

Commission: $3,500            

Savings of over $2,500! 

Traditional Agents


SAVE YOUR MONEY! Troy saves your hard earned money by only charging $500.00 at the time of listing and .0015 at closing plus 3% if a purchasers agent is involved.

Do you need to sell your home to purchase a home?



When you have to sell and buy a house through us, you pay.....



+Startup fee


In order to redeem this offer, we require that you use one of our buyer agents to help you find a house! Thats it!



  • How to determine my homes list price?
    Our methodology takes into account your homes location, features, past sales, pending sales, competition in the marketplace, and market trends. We bring DATA to the table, as well as a professional opinion of what we feel is the highest price you can get. You are the final decision maker. We help you make the most informed decision based on intensive research and data analytics.
  • Since I am paying much less in commission, should I expect less service?"
    Of course not. The 3% commission arrangement was important when the internet didn't exist back 20+ years ago. Working with Troy, we provide the imperitive services of a real estate to produce the end result of a satisfied closing. You will be represented from the beggining to the end including contract negotiation and manging the transaction. Our goal is to put more money in our sellers pockets, because we believe the 3% model is outdated and overpriced.
  • How do you market our home?
    We are not the traditional agents that soley put a sign in the ground, toss the home on the MLS, and wait for a purchaser. Unfortunately this is what most agents do, STILL. We are very proactive in our approach to marketing your home efficiently. We have your home displayed on over 40 websites, and have a large database of purchasers that we market your home to.
  • My listing has expired with another agent, can I list with Troy?"
    With over 10 years of experience, and ranking in the top 5% of Realtors nationwide, we have the know how. There are numerous reasons as to why your listing didn't sell. 1.) Inaccuate pricing. 2.) Unprofessional photography. 3.) Inadequate Marketing. 4.) Difficulty gaining access to the home. 5.) Negative attributes to the home when listed, ex.) Unkept exterior, dirty interior, pets in the home, confusion.
  • What if I cannot show my house myself?
    When you list with Troy, you are not responsible for showing your own property. If you find an unrepresentated purchaser, and they offer on your home, then you save paying the buyers agent commission. We will still handle the transaction for you, from contract to close.
  • I don't know what I should do to sell my home, this sounds too good to be true?"
    We understand. Our job is to remove any confusion you may have. Selling your home is a simple process, but it's not easy. Make your home a product. Detail it on the inside and outside before you intend to list. Ensure that the curb appeal is in tip-top shape. Advertise your home via the MLS, different listing portals, and signage. Address purchasers questions via seller disclosures and marketing materials. Review any offer to ensure acceptable terms, and if there are terms that are not acceptable, revise the terms to suit your needs and have a meeting of the minds with the buyers so both parties approve. Attend a closing guided buy a title company, and ensure all necessary documents are completed in entirety. We advise you throughout the process, nothing is different whether you are listing with us, another agent, or yourself.
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